Past Just Gimme the Mic Shows

Flo Way, Rhymageddon, Triboro
The featured artists on this show proved the lyricism is very much alive. Triboro repped their own unique styles coming together as one for the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens. Rhymageddon repped his NJ squad hard. He talked about his movement, label, and did a hot performance..Also, party promoter Flo Way came through and talked about what separates On The Rocks Entertainment Enterprise from all the other party promoters..Check it out

Lee Ellie and Feel-X
Featured guest Lee Ellie and Feel-X rocked out at the Just Gimme the Mic Show!!! Lee Ellie joined opened up the show with a hot freestyle, talked about his moves in music game and did a hot performance live on the show..Feel-X did a impromptu skit, performed and talked about his aspirations in the business..High energy
great show..Check it out

GoldiLox and Lady Slim
Alright it was ladies night on the Just Gimme the Mic Show. Goldilox and Lady Slims repped for Yonkers by telling us about her daily grind and performing some of their hottest tracks. Check the female hiphop trivia and freestyle at the end of the show

St-Ray, Justzo, and The Original Denny Moe
Rapper St-Ray is on a continuous grind, as he continues building his catalog of music. Justzo stopped through to share with us some of the latest industry news and promote his own show. The Original Denny Moe (CEO of Wide Open Entertainment) was in the building reppin for his brand of
promoters. We also talked about a hot party event that is going down Saturday,
April 13th..Tune in to hear all about it..

 Olivia Gilmore and Petawane
R&B Singer Petawane continues his journey to bring back Soul to the current music of today. While Queens own soultry Olivia Gilmore blesses our audience with accapellas and speaks on her own personal struggles on the way up.The combo ends with a memorable R&B freestyle session that will never be forgotten.

T-Wiz, 2D Musiq and Mikey J
Check out Just Gimme the Mic and see why our featured guests T-Wiz and 2D Musiq are two stars rising to the top!!!! Sony Red artist Mikey Jay also was in the building telling us about his upcoming event in April.
As usual DJ Enygma did her thing and we discussed the latest industry news and closed out the show with a hot freestyle..Check it out!!!!!!!!!

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