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If you’re interested in a JGTM guest package this is the place for you.

Hosted by Coco and Co-hosted DJ Enygma, this show covers a variety of aspects from the entertainment industry and offers artists an additional forum to be heard and showcase their skills to the world.  JGTM comes on live every Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm, where we feature new aspiring artists, pioneers, singers, song writers, and authors.  Check out the packages below to be a guest on our show!!!!

Purchasing our featured package will also include, 2 months of air time on BxLive Radio, Song App placement, a featured selection on our other affiliated live shows.

A) Freestyle Artist – Show off your skills to our live audience while growing your fan base. As a Freestyler you will perform during the opening, intermission and outro of the show. There is also plenty of time to engage in the nights topics as well as promote anything you may have. Cost $40.00


B) Featured Guest – Sit down for a 20 minute interview segment where you can interact with our audience and speak about your music, your services, or your products. There is also an option for you to perform one of your singles live on air........... Cost $60.00



Please choose your desired role for your appearance on the show:

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