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Hi, I am CoCo the Host of Just Gimme the Mic Blogtalk radio internet show. Check out the Just Gimme the Mic Show every M...
onday night from 9PM to 11PM at www.blogtalkradio.com/coco4869. The call in number is 714-694-4164. Also, on Wednesday night from 8Pm to 10PM at www.justgimmethemic.com live in the studio.  The show covers a variety of aspects from the entertainment industry. I want to share my passion for music by offering an additional forum for artist to showcase their skills to the world. The show features new aspiring artists, pioneers, singers, song writers, and authors. During the show, I interview featured guests so the public can understand their art and what drives their passion. Then I will play some of their music or let them read excerpts from their book. The audience has the opportunity to call in to ask questions and/or provide feedback. Some weeks there will be surprise guests from the industry who will drop in to talk to the callers and offer their opinion. My show is honest, interactive, plays great music, and offers insight of who the guests are. So, please join "Just Gimme the Mic" each week to be part of positive entertainment!! Also, join the Just Gimme the Mic Team and other members on the Just Gimme the Mic group page live during the show to interact by exchanging thoughts, opinions, and feedback during the show...If you are interested in being featured on the show send your bio, 2 pics, 3 mp3 tracks, and contact info to coco4869@gmail.com. In the subject line type Just Gimme the Mic!!!!!!!
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